How to Bust a Cheater Spouse


You may never have thought that your spouse could cheat on you. However, it’s difficult to deny that they’re spending more and more time out of the house and growing increasingly distant from you as well.

Heartbreaking as the thought may be, you now need to ascertain whether your spouse is cheating on you. Along the way, you need to gather some concrete evidence to prove their infidelity in court as well as to yourself. Not sure how to prove their cheating (or disprove it) once and for all? We’ll give you a few tips below:


1. Get into Their Phone

You first want to look at the easiest method of catching a cheater – through the wires. If you still have a landline phone at home, your job may become a lot simpler. All you need to do is plug a spare phone into a phone jack in a secret place. You now have your very own phone extension! Unscrew the mouthpiece so that the sound of your breathing wouldn’t alert your spouse to your spying.

From there on, you can pick up your own extension whenever you feel your spouse is talking to the person they’re cheating on you with. You may suspect such telephonic conversations when they rush to pick up the phone before you do or are speaking extremely secretively. Be sure to lift the receiver in one smooth, firm movement. Any button-jiggling could cause clicking sounds and put your spouse on the alert.

record conversation cheating

2. Record Conversations

If you’ve started suspecting your spouse of making up stories, start recording any conversation they have, even if the conversation is with you. There may be a need for evidence of their lies in the future. You may have to prove that they said they would be in a certain place when they were actually off gallivanting with their cohort!

A smartphone could easily be set up to record all conversations. You can set up the headset’s earpiece alongside the microphone. This would allow for exact recordings of whatever proof you need.

3. Baby Monitor

If you have a baby in the house, you have an excuse to have a baby monitor. If not, you may have to spray-paint the transmitter and put masking tape on the LED lights. You should then put up the transmitter in a corner of any room where your spouse is likely to cheat with anyone that they’re having an affair with.

Bust a Cheater Conclusion

Before you implement any of the actions above, take out some time to think about how you’re going to react if you do catch your spouse cheating. If you’re planning to work things out, it may be a good idea to take up marriage counseling before an ugly confrontation. If you’re just looking for an excuse to end the relationship, focus on doing what it takes to ensure your safety and benefit during the split. In all events, you’re likely not at a happy place in your marriage. Finding evidence of cheating spouse is just a part of something you either fix or finish.
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